I was a student in the science track…

How many times have I repeated this sentence during the last few years: “I was a student in the science track”…but, because of certain influences: “Don’t you realize you are not good in science or physics…?” I ended up studying Law. Early in my professional life, I worked in a diverse range of occupations:  paralegal,commercialism, office administration, graphic production…. And, as time went by, I began to discover that what I am was not related to my occupations, not only due to confusion regarding my true vocation, but because I have come to understand that even though one may have clarity regarding their professional goals, human beings are something much deeper, complex and magical than the work that we do professionally. 
For me everything began to make sense in 2009, when I discovered Reiki and later, sintergética and hands therapy, foot reflexology, yoga, …. And in that unconscious search for my identity, I felt the need to first, study nursing; then, deepen my yoga practice by becoming  a  Kundalini Yoga instructor, and last, but not least, I discovered  the Gong and my voice and the fascinating interrelationship between human beings, …really between Everything, and sound and music.  From that discovery I have completed my training with sound therapy and music therapy studies

The diversity of activities I am currently engaged in are framed in the context explained above.  As a nurse and music therapist, I use a holistic approach to the care of palliative patients and their caregivers, incorporating techniques complimentary to traditional nursing practices.  As a Kundalini Yoga instructor, I communicate the Kundalini principles which I believe are key in the search of personal identity:  the recognition and analysis of behavior patterns and their subsequent deconstruction and metamorphosis in the road to the awakening of our conscience.   Finally, I have connected with the healing effect that sound and music have in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, through an integrative process that culminates in the fusion of silence of sound.

 I am grateful to the Universe for my family and all those who have instructed and accompanied me as well as enabled my process of personal evolution and growth. While I keep on working on my personal journey, caring for and transforming myself, and recognizing my perfect imperfections, it is my wish to accompany any others who want to in this fascinating journey of the Self.